Hadoop Core


Setting to privacy encrypts all communication from clients to Namenode, from clients to Resource Manager, from datanodes to Namenodes, from Node Managers to Resource managers, and so on.

Setting to privacy encrypts all data transfer between clients and Datanodes. The clients could be any HDFS client like a map-task reading data, reduce-task writing data or a client JVM reading/writing data.

Setting dfs.http.policy and yarn.http.policy to HTTPS_ONLY causes all HTTP traffic to be encrypted. This includes the web UI for Namenodes and Resource Managers, Web HDFS interactions, and others.

module.exports =
    ssl: module: 'masson/core/ssl', local: true
    krb5_client: module: 'masson/core/krb5_client', local: true
    java: module: 'masson/commons/java', local: true
    test_user: module: 'ryba/commons/test_user', local: true, auto: true, implicit: true
    hdp: module: 'ryba/hdp', local: true
    zookeeper_server: module: 'ryba/zookeeper/server'
    ganglia: module: 'ryba/retired/ganglia/collector', single: true
    graphite: module: 'ryba/graphite', single: true
    metrics: module: 'ryba/metrics', local: true
    log4j: module: 'ryba/log4j', local: true
    hadoop_core: module: 'ryba/hadoop/core'