Hadoop ZKFC

The ZKFailoverController (ZKFC) is a new component which is a ZooKeeper client which also monitors and manages the state of the NameNode. Each of the machines which runs a NameNode also runs a ZKFC, and that ZKFC is responsible for Health monitoring, ZooKeeper session management, ZooKeeper-based election.

module.exports =
    iptables: module: 'masson/core/iptables', local: true
    krb5_client: module: 'masson/core/krb5_client', local: true
    java: module: 'masson/commons/java', local: true
    hadoop_core: module: 'ryba/hadoop/core', local: true, auto: true, implicit: true
    zookeeper_server: module: 'ryba/zookeeper/server'
    hdfs_nn_local: module: 'ryba/hadoop/hdfs_nn', local: true, required: true
    hdfs_nn: module: 'ryba/hadoop/hdfs_nn'
  plugin: ({options}) ->
      action: ['service', 'start']
      name: 'hadoop-hdfs-namenode'
    , ->
      @call 'ryba/hadoop/zkfc/install', options
      @call 'ryba/hadoop/zkfc/start', options
    'install': [