Zookeeper Server

Setting up a ZooKeeper server in standalone mode or in replicated mode.

A replicated group of servers in the same application is called a quorum, and in replicated mode, all servers in the quorum have copies of the same configuration file. The file is similar to the one used in standalone mode, but with a few differences.

module.exports =
    iptables: module: 'masson/core/iptables', local: true
    krb5_client: module: 'masson/core/krb5_client', local: true
    java: module: 'masson/commons/java', local: true
    hdp: module: 'ryba/hdp', local: true
    zookeeper_server: module: 'ryba/zookeeper/server'
    log4j: module: 'ryba/log4j', local: true
    # zoo_client: implicit: true, module: 'ryba/zookeeper/client'
    # 'backup':
    #   'ryba/zookeeper/server/backup'
    'install': [